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The only program that is a Character Driven, Level Based, Fitness System

Who We Are:

  • We’ve been working with kids in Azusa since 2014
  • Fitness Designed by athletes from the US Olympic Training Center
  • Coaches, developed Olympians, NFL athletes, NCAA Scholarship Athletes – with the exact method that we use here

How We Are Different:

  • We help put that ‘little extra’ into your extraordinary kids!
  • We focus on Character Development first – this is our foundation
  • Our Level Based Curriculum keeps kids engaged & goal oriented
  • Rest easy with our ‘worry-free’ training program – our unique training method has been overseen by a Dr of Physical Therapy, Dr of Psychology, proven to develop both healthy, well adjusted adults, and Olympians with this method.

What age groups do you offer?

We offer 3 different age groups

  • Littles: ages 4-7
  • Kids: ages 8-11
  • Bigs: ages 12-17

Are You Looking For:

  • A fun & effective way to keep your kids in shape?
  • A fitness program that focuses on the character of your child AND their health?
  • A positive community for your child to be a part of?
  • A youth fitness program that can help your kid excel in ANY sport?

Our Program is Unique!

  • You’ll experience that our Proven, Progressive Level Based Fitness System is designed to help keep kids healthy & engaged all year long
  • Our Program is designed by world class athletes & coaches, taught to your family directly by Coach Stephanie, Coach Rebecca, and Coach Allen
  • Kids stay engaged with appropriate goals & levels similar to a martial arts school
  • By focusing on Character Development & a Positive Attitude – we create leaders that are healthy inside and out

“So, how do I find out if this is right for my youngster?”

Great Question: Give us a call at (626) 969-0858 and we’ll schedule a personal Evaluation with you and your child. This is a chance for us to meet privately, to find out exactly how our program can help you, and if your child is right for our program. It’s the most effective, and free, way to get started!

We Are Enrolling Now!

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